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Background Note, this question has been addressed only vaguely in the specifications. The web didn't work because you didn't get the same information. (The various designs such a WebDav's propfind which use http methods apart from GET to retreive information suffer from this same problem. And for a new scheme, this would be interesting. Q: What do you mean by "identify anyway, in Model Theory terms? Alternatively, the RDF system would built entirely on the understanding that we were referring always to that denoted by a given bit of document, not the bit of document itself. Uuids) or electronic mailboxes (mailto but is we look purely at http URIs, they define a web of information objects. But I think the fairest thing is to say that the spec was written it was not sufficiently clear about this particular ambiguity, and for reasons mentioned above, this hasn't been a problem until now. I wouldn't say that hash marks "only work when you deference a document" any more than your street address "only works when I visit you or your date of birth "only worked when you were born". In the case of a hypertext document, a reference to another document is encoded such that, upon user request, the referenced document can in turn be automatically presented. It probably wouldn't have mattered if you had seen a lower resolution or even black-and-white copy of the picture. But no one promised the Semantic Web would be boring.

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Q: Are all Semantic Web agents going to start dereferencing every document they hear about? Phone: (401) 874-2566, fax: (401) 874-2892, office: College of Arts and Sciences - Main Office. No, any more than you have to dereference every hypertext link you see. Until recently, the Internet protocol standards out of which the Web is built had little to say about such things. There were no formal systems addressing this sort of issue (as far as I know, except for Dan Connolly's Larch work until the. These alternatives all make sense. Information objects - perhaps in Cyc terms. As we formalize how the web works, we have to make that assumption explicit. If we want to do that on the Semantic Web, we will say "I work for the organization whose home page is http www. However, consider another page put together by friends who found a photograph of the same person.

noslibertins uri

Login, university of Rhode Island University Libraries, university of Rhode Island Course Schedule, university of Rhode Island What do, hTTP URIs Identify? We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA.401.874.1000. URI is an equal opportunity employer committed to the principles of affirmative action. The University of Rhode Island is an equal opportunity employer committed to community, equity, and diversity and to the principles of affirmative action. A-Z Databases - uri Uri Constructor (Uri, String, Boolean) (System) C# type to handle relative and absolute, uRI s and local Rencontre sms - Voll gård Conclusion so far: the idea that. URI identifies the thing the document is about doesn t work because we can only use. URI to identify one thing and we have and already do use it to identify documents on the web. URI, students, Faculty, and Staff Only PPL or OSL Resource - Public Library Card May Be Required for Use Must Be Accessed from Within. Remote URIs in libvirt offer a rich syntax and many features.

Some people have said, "If we say that URIs identify people, nothing breaks". A poem, an order for ball bearings, a painting. So, we could change http to make this work. It seems to me that this assumption is one we have been implicitly making and are now breaking, in a way which will make the semantic web either inconsistent or much less efficient. The problem with this is that there are a large number of systems which already do use URIs to identify the document. The problem is an engineering one: I can't in practice use a URI until I have some definitive information from the publisher as to what it identifies. If there We could fix http so that it would return me some extra semantic headers explaining the whole thing. Machines have to disambiguate using common sense and logic This is possible in theory. Q: Isn't it a little weird to start making pronouncements about the entire http Web when neither the spec nor the other TAG members agree? Machines have to disambiguate them by context: A catalog card will talk about a document. This is a classic example of the 2-level syndrome (see also Dictionaries in the Library ). There is nothing in the URI spec to say what an individual scheme should or should not be created to identify. The University Libraries serve the knowledge and information needs of the University community and the general public. Those most familiar URIs as used by html sometimes suggested adding new attributes to the anchor tags of html documents to disambiguate a reference. (Updated to show the use of relative Uri's string fileName c:p string relativeFile p string addressName ml Uri uriFile new Uri(fileName Uri uriRelative new Uri(uriFile, relativeFile Uri uriAddress new Uri(addressName String String String Gives me this output: file c temp/p file c temp/woohoo/p ml). A contradiction A picture by Magritte A photograph of a picture by Magritte A representation as a series of 341632 bits in of a photo of a painting Validly 4, 5 and 6 but not 1 3) What does " identify? So you don't have to look it up for the name to "work" as an identifier. Your browser shows the same URI as mine in the "URL bar" but you see a table of the car's weight, length, height, color, and registration number. A given agent may have many possible interpretations, but new information the agent believes which mentions a symbol will rule out interpretations with which are inconsistent with the symbol. So I suppose it may be a shock when the technique is used with a semantic web language to refer to not the document, but something which the document discusses. We can't retrofit the millions of web servers out there, I assume. In that case the TAG has a duty to make them. By jacquieetmicheltv net cergy contrast, they are used in thousands of places and way, many of which I am unaware.

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Looked up or not. To be socially responsible, to be able to handle trust, and so on, we must be aware of these operations. There has been no way to do this before RDF, but then similarly no real need for. I say, "basically" because I would not have cared whether you saw or jpeg or a GIF. I could explain that, as I originally wrote the http spec, that was the author's intent.